Manual DIY Coldplay influx of matter in three different "snow," the paper-cut here! I ...

Origami tutorial to teach you fold snowflakes, there are three methods to teach you in detail how to make beautiful snowflakes, the three snowflake patterns are not the same, very nice and quickly found a piece of paper

Painting Clay Pots Ideas | Flower Pot Snowman | The JumpStart Blog

Frosty the Snowman…knew the sun was hot that day So he said let’s run and we’ll have some fun Now before I melt away! Poor Frosty…this jolly soul, made out of snow, laughs and plays wit…


Creative Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

9 idées de bricolage à partir de bâtons de pops! :-)

Des bricolages avec des bâtons de « Popsicle

This is a totally adorable Christmas craft idea! This tutorial teaches you how to make a Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks. by lorene

Calendrier de l'avent lutins

Calendrier de l'avent Lutins

Bricolages de Noël -- arts and crafts ideas for Christmas -- some are pretty standard, like folding paper and cutting out snowflakes, or decorating oranges with cloves -- but they're all in French!