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two different colored posters with the words make it easy and take it easy on them
Yoke Outdoors’ Branding Makes the Whole ‘Nature Thing’ Approachable to Even the Indoors Kids
an orange background with the words costa and los
Los Costa Typeface Design
three black and yellow stickers with the words usa, usa, and hug on them
An artist guide to Robert Indiana
a yellow and green sign that says camp folk with an arrow pointing to the left
Camp Folk
there are many houses in the sky with some stars on them and one has a clock at the top
Destination Earth -Tom Oreb, created by John Sutherland, 1956 - Backgrounds by Joe Montel
a pair of blue shoes sitting on top of a yellow and red label next to a black background
LogoArchive on Twitter
LogoArchive on Twitter: "Does anyone remember this? Clarks by John McConnell, @Pentagram, 1977, Great Britain. Discover modernist logos at https://t.co/2OFIoglbzt #logos #branding #logodesign #designhistory #graphicdesign #logodesign #clarks #clarkesshoes #pentagram https://t.co/1akWGauTNg" / Twitter
a bottle of liquor sitting on top of a wooden table next to a shadow cast wall
Brent Schoepf on Twitter
Brent Schoepf on Twitter: "Dead project https://t.co/n0xDK94hgI" / Twitter
the back side of a brown box with an image of a person's head on it
the sunago bell logo is shown in black and white on a bright yellow background
Sunago Bell Logo
Sunago Bell Logo by Bret Hawkins on Dribbble
three different types of stickers on a black background with the letter v in red, white and blue
Vicente — Break Maiden
the rainbow room asbury park, n j logo is red and white with an image of a martini in it
Rainbow Room
Rainbow Room | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an image of a colorful background with different colors and shapes in the same color scheme
Seal of Approval
Brand New: New Identity for C&A (Brazil) by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
an image of some type of text on a gray background
Loris Pernoux / Library of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie & Sandberg #LogoCore
the soda company logo is blue and has white letters that read soda, cola, co
Yumbo Soda Co