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I love the fabric on this top hat - very unique! 3 top hat Steampunk Tesla Clockwork Victorian by OohLaLaBoudoir . Inspiration for a Mini Top Hat I have the pattern for


Men's waistcoat (all black style)

Idée custo chapeau Steampunk

Steampunk madhatter Hand made red colour Taffeta Top Hat with clock hands

women's steampunk hat accessories Steampunk Madhatter Hand Made Red Colour Taffeta Top Hat with Clock .

Chapeaux !

Mini Top Hat - Emerald Green Steampunk Time Machine watch face and key - Peacock Victorian Burlesque

Mini Top Hat - Emerald Green Steampunk Time Machine watch face and key - Peacock Victorian Burlesque Love the teal and emerald with black and the way the peacock feathers curl. I also like how the key and clock are positioned.


ʂŧɘąɱ ~ Steampunk Toybox ~ A little automaton; perhaps created by using Al-Jazari's Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices.

Fifty-Nine Steampunk Fashion Ideas You Are Going to Love

Maybe without the feather~ Diy Duct Tape Steampunk Top Hat. I would actually just do the top hat and not worry about the rest.

Heyk of Steampunk France. I don't know why this looks really cool lol

Heyk of Steampunk France. And it's nice to see guys represented in the Steampunk world which sometimes seems to be full of just scantily-clad, busty young females.

Wave Gothic festival in Leipzig, Germany. : Must attend at some point. akoithra

The Wave Gothic Festival on May 2009 in Leipzig, Germany. The music festival, which started out in 1992 with a small line up of only ten bands, now spans four days and dozens of acts playing inside and outside venues across Leipzig.

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Perfect for time traveler costume


steampunk gauntlet/gloves by *Skinz-N-Hydez - Reminds me of "The Lollygang Save the World on Accident" by Jay Lake in the "Extraordinary Machines" steampunk anthology

Steampunk Fashion Men | DevilInspired Steampunk Dresses: Men’s Steampunk Costumes--Showing ...

Delicious Boutique Steampunk Beyond by Delicious Boutique & Corseterie, costume ideas for Eric

Steampunk Tendencies | Good Day Sir - TrollSmas #Steampunk #Steamgoth

Steampunk gas mask and top hat? That's just too awesome I've always liked both those things

steampunksteampunk: “ Omar Brent ”

steampunksteampunk: Omar Brent...

Steampunk male character costume outfit design, Time lost by Omar Brunt steampunk hat and mechanic gloves and arm, pilot glasses, steampunk belt costume design for steampunk man fashion

The Steampunk Robots Of Lawrence Northey

The Steampunk Robots Of Lawrence Northey

Steampunk Robot Sculptures by Lawrence Northey

Très jolie clef.

Green Winter Rose Key

Love this rose key necklace with little steam punk gear :) Key to Your Heart ok this has to be my fav thing from steampunk iteams!

Masque steampunk

Arcane Steampunk plague doctor mask by TwoHornsUnited on DeviantArt