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Supernatural 12.11

Supernatural - I still have yet to see this episode, but it's the stills like this that kinda make me wish that I did. >>> this episode was funny, then it was sad.

REALLY?!?! Trust me Colombian people were the first to get the flag like that then those lazy people just copied.... No offense but be ORIGINAL please!!!

Funny pictures about Suspiciously similar flags. Oh, and cool pics about Suspiciously similar flags. Also, Suspiciously similar flags.

:) everyone is worth it, it will always get better; don't stop believing in yourself

Don't end your life because of some rude people! People who are rude or just plain assholes are lower than you and jealous of you because you are amazing!

Sexism. It works both ways.

One of my biggest complaints about sexism is that people think its okay for a girl to dress boyish and just call her a tomboy but if a boy dresses like a girl theres something wrong with true too


English is such a weird language.some say english is the hardest language to learn how to speak.I have learned 20 languages and yet I agree it is hard .but some are capable to read this .