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Thomas M
PARIS / Chef de Projet digital @(L'Oréal, Isobar)
Thomas M
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reviseordie: The first of hopefully more posts targeting some of my most popular questions. This one is to answer all the asks I receive about my own personal (and general) study tips.

The science of procrastination #infographic

The science of procrastination (Infographic) - There are a number of factors working behind the scenes in your subconscious, driving you towards procrastinating; this infographic explores the science behind this theory.

Just Because Studio: 7 tips to beat procrastination and achieve your goals

I’m a natural procrastinator… as most human beings. And I am also the intense kind of person so I’m always looking for new strategies and techniques to self-improvemen…

Learn how to step away from the phone and into your life with these 5 ways to stay away from social media!

We all know the downside of social media-- namely that it makes people feel alienated rather than connected, thereby betraying its own name. We are well aware that social media has the power to neg.