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Thomas Grougon

Thomas Grougon
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Hephestos 2 - 3D printing time lapse of Voronoi Lamp

Hephestos 2 - printing time lapse of Voronoi Lamp

Model A Voronoi Style Bracelet In Blender 2.74

This is a Blender companion video to my tutorial of the same model. In this tutorial, we will model a voronoi-style bangle bracelet; - UNYQ's 3D-printed covers make prosthetics modern and stylish | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Eythor Bender, co-founder and CEO of UNYQ, a new fashion house and etailer, wants to re-imagine prosthetics, so that every wearer could design their own prosthetic that expresses their personality.

Can we use our brains to directly control machines? Miguel Nicolelis suggests yes, showing how a clever monkey in the US learned to control a robot arm in Japan purely with its thoughts. The research has big implications for quadraplegic people -- and in fact, it powered the exoskeleton that kicked off the 2014 World Cup.

Can we use our brains to directly control machines -- without requiring a body as the middleman? Miguel Nicolelis talks through an astonishing experiment, in.