succulentes dans des boites à thé ou autres boites de conserve

Windowsill Gardening on the Cheap: Vintage-Style Tin Herb Gardens - I stumbled on the idea of using tea tins for a mi.

Instant City Life Parklet

This brand new urban garden - Instant City Life - in a Copenhagen street - takes up the place of a parked car. See the exhibition open until the of September outside.

Bird-apartment by Nendo

An enormous woodland nesting box by Japanese designers Nendo with 78 entrances for birds on one side and one big door for humans on the other

guerilla gardening: flanigan lane, melbourne | Vetti: Live in Northcote

guerilla gardening: flanigan lane, melbourne

They've been in place a while now - check out Melbourne Art & Culture Critic for a sweet pic of the boom box, or walk by in your lunch break.

Guerilla gardening " Jardinière avec une Chaîne Hifi recyclée "

“Gardening with repurposed objects” is a recurring theme here on Gardens in Unexpected Places. Today, I’m pleased to add this item to the mix: a boombox garden. A pretty good new use for a dead boombox, isn’t it? (spotted on EcoSalon)

street art, guerilla garden

In recent years, yarnbombing and other guerilla art activities have become more popular - and easier to organize thanks to the rise of social media. This page displays examples of this type of art.

guerilla-gardening toronto

Exposition sur le rôle des designers dans l'espace public à Paris : "Sous les pavés, le design"


Great use for rain boots. Drill holes in the bottom for drainage, Fill the feet with pebbles and the legs with soil. Plant whatever. I wonder if the dollar store would have cheap children's rainboots? Might be cute for my plant table this summer.