This is so cute anytime. Pinecone Owls - 20 Magical DIY Christmas Home Decorations You'll Want Right Now

20 Magical DIY Christmas Home Decorations You'll Want Right Now

Motif de pastèque, Tampon en patate

Watermelon Wrapping Paper

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas DIY watermelon print wrapping paper using a potato wedge. Would also be a great craft for the littles!

verser des pots-ciel peint!

Craft Ideas for Kids: Mothers Day or Teacher Appreciation Gift

Perfect for Mothers Day or end-of-year teachers gift - rainbow painted pour pots! Would be so fun to do outside with your class on a nice sunny day.

Carte sapin épluchures crayons ©Créamalice

{DiY} Carte Sapin Noël avec des épluchures de crayons de couleur !!

Fabriquer de la pâte à modeler "qui brille" pour Noël

Beautiful silver and gold homemade slime for kids to play with. Love this silver and gold slime for New Year's!

Citrouille à fabriquer

Halloween projects Tutoriales- Cómo hacer calabazas para halloween not sure if this the correct credits.

Expliquer aux enfants les concepts mathématiques avec des briques LEGO ? Une idée amusante et originale de la professeur américaine Alycia Zimmerman, du si

Expliquer les mathématiques avec des LEGO

Teacher Alycia Zimmerman has been using Lego for years to teach her nine to kids about fractions, square numbers, and other maths concepts that can be tricky to grasp.