stickrs pour câbles qui trainent

Leaf Cable Stickers

Place the stickers on cable fixings or a cable on the wall, and the creeping cord will become friendly. wall decoration stickers material: polyvinyl chloride film size: x content: 4 leaves *The price does not include customs and duty. by proteamundi

masking tape. Bonne idée !

IHeart Organizing: Fun Ways To Organize With Washi Tape. Washi tape to easily identify keys

Washi Tape pour identifier les plugs. Génial! On peut pairer les items par code de couleurs, puis les identifier, et les retirer au besoin sans coller les fils.

Duh why didn't I think of that. Washi Tape Cord Labels – Organize your charging cords by using washi tape identification tags.

Décore tes portes avec du washi tape de couleur. Wake up your doors with Washi Tape. DIY tutorial.

Combining Cigarettes and Sports? Wake up your doors with Washi Tape.

Interrupteur masking tape

Mur en dégradé de couleur

washi taped bicycle at HEMA, if you have alot of free time, and patience

washi taped bicycle - for people who need to be able to identify their own bicycle amidst many!

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