Anika Starmer

Anika Starmer do an entire pattern painting using shapes that replicate microscopic body parts like muscle, blood cells and rods/cones

Akiko Ikeuchi  [knotted silk thread]

Surreal Silk Vortexes

akiko ikeuchi, silk vortex, knotted thread-red’ exhibition at the museum of contemporary art tokyo via designboom

Amazeballs  @BeiliLiu #Lure/Forest

Red Thread Legend Series installation by Beili Liu The ancient Chinese legend of the red thread tells that when children are born, invisible red threads connect them to the ones whom they are fated to.

Anne Gilman -

Interference II DETAIL 3 2010 ink, pencil, paint, with 2 relief prints on 3 scrolls Triptych measures x Anne Gilman