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how to use the montessori alphabet box

Montessori style- fine motor/life skills all in one!

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The bolts are graded in diameter for a more difficult exercise. Five slotted bolts and stubby screwdriver. Designed by a Montessori teacher to aid the development of eye-hand coordination and teach a practical skill.


Toothpicks and a Shaker (great fine motor activity for 2 year olds +). My little purple fairy (E) loves to put toothpicks in this parmesan cheese shaker (bought from the Dollar Tree).

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Teaching Math in India-----Lego Counting Graph - I think I'd provide all the same size Legos so they can also get a visual of bigger numbers vs.

home made shape puzzle... such a simple yet cool idea!

Play Date Idea: Homemade Shape Puzzles

Pêche à la cuillère pour travailler la concentration, la coordination oeil-main et la motricité fine. #Montessori

Jeu de bébé : pêche à la cuillère

Link is in French, but I think the picture is enough. Use a slotted spoon to remove floating objects from water-filled bowl;

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