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Today I want to share Valeria Burgoa’s work with with you. Can you believe that these pieces are made out of tea bags? All images © Valeria Burgoa ↓ …

tara donovan -toothpick

Tara Donovan, Toothpicks, Toothpicks held together by friction & gravity only. - NYFA/NYSCA Fellow included in the Dorsky Museum's Fall 2017 exhibition

Tara Donovan "Cloud, 2007" in "The Calder Prize 2005- 2015" a group exhibition at Pace London

For those in London: This Thursday, see iconic sculptures by alongside works by the renowned artists continuing his legacy… like the one above by “The Calder Prize: opens Feb 4 at Pace London.

Some people are talented with a camera, others with pen and paper or a brush and paint. Peter Root is talented with mundane office supplies. Root’s visionary mind brings new life to the ordinary object, creating masterpieces that have awed the world. If you look closely you will see this vast cityscape is actually made up of tens of thousands of staples.

Artist Peter Root fashioned an entire little city of staples – an ephemicropolis! Hard to believe he spent 40 hours building the installation in the lobby of a building, using solely stacks of staples that were split into various sizes.

Cet artiste dénonce la pollution en transformant les déchets d’une plage en sublimes oeuvres d’art | Daily Geek Show

archatlas: “ Environmental Installation in Sian Ka'an Washed Up is an environmental installation and photography project by Alejandro Durán that transforms the international debris washing up on.