Penelope Tree ............ Truman Capote's Black And White Ball

Penelope Tree with the legendary carat diamond known as the Briolette of India in a 1967 photograph by Richard Avedon.

A psychedelic experience is a temporary altered state of consciousness induced by the consumption of psychedelic drugs

Model: ReeRee Phillips Photographer: Alterd Mind Dress: Iron Fist x Hollywood Villains from Tragic Beautiful Robe/Shawl: Black Milk Clothing Necklace: Restyle

Goth Beauty, Beauty Art, Beauty Makeup, Segovia Amil, Goth Girls, Family Portraits, Face Claims, Wearing Black, Coven – finest downloads since 1979

There Is Something About a Dame by Michael Avallone

penelope tree - Google Search

penelope tree - Google Search