bear pile

Bear Rug Coaster (Set of Four)

Cute but not a craft idea I discovered. a very clever idea though and wondering if I have a pattern that I could adapt for this. - Ideas In Crafting

Teddy Bear Love

You have to see Hanging Storage Pouch on Craftsy! - Looking for crocheting project inspiration? Check out Hanging Storage Pouch by member knotsewcute.

so cute with her teddy <3.

I'd like one more little girl so I can buy cute red shoes for her like these and braid boy just won't wear red shoes or pigtails.

3 bears

Mon'Ours Open edition you can order your by viviedoudou on Etsy.

Teddy Bears Tutorials: Nose embroidery

Start by drawing a nose template on the back of some self adhesive wool felt If you& not sure what shape or how big it should be, plac.

I have lots of stuffed animals and I always loved teddy bears. So yes, I definitely have a teddy bear.

Amigurumi DIY by AngieGurumi: Amigurumi nose and mouth.

Focinho de amigurumi DIY by AngieGurumi: Amigurumi nose and mouth; Nik this is important for all the gurumis you do!