Learning how to use prepositions of time in on at. This grammar lesson also shows examples of how to use them in a sentence. This site has also many more resources on grammar.


This is a list of French question words. This helps me study for the French question words.

Je m'en fouS, ras le bol, ras le cul (et non "fou", ou "ral"). Le plaisir est plus grand avec la bonne orthographe...

some french swear words and phrases. can be useful if someone asks u to say something in french bc it’s soooo hot

La fête nationale française                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

This is a reference tool for students to help them use possessive adjectives / pronouns correctly in French.

French Language Cours

Find out how to use French Adjectives to transform any sentence in the masculine, feminine or plural form with practical examples and exercises.