an image of some type of brochure with different colors and patterns on it
Shanti Sparrow Graphic Design & Illustration
#mise en page
the legs and feet of a woman in white tights with black squares on them
The Grid. #sacredshapes .
four different colored striped pillows on a white surface
* b o n * c h i c * b o n * g e n r e *
* b o n * c h i c * b o n * g e n r e *
a pineapple on a black and white striped background with blue, yellow, pink, green
pineapple Art Print
a person is holding an orange ball in front of a grid pattern wall with black and white squares
Studio Walala
"optical trickery" by Camille Walala (photography by jess bonham)
an empty room with white walls and black lines on the floor, in front of windows
Gerhard Richter - 4 Glasscheiben, 1967.
two people walking up the stairs in front of an umbrella on a white and black striped background
Tyler Spangler
Tyler Spangler - I FIND THIS PIECE, SO INCREDIBLY APPEALING!! (it is so very cleverly done!!) ✳✳✳
the stairs are painted in different shades of pink, blue and white with polka dots on them
how cool is this stairway from opening ceremony in tokyo?
a black and white photo of a man on a skateboard doing a trick in the air
escalade by Javad Rooein
none #bw @blackwhitepins