Amazing shot by domquattro shared by astonmartinwien on Instagram! @astonmartin

Amazing shot by domquattro shared by astonmartinwien on Instagram! @astonmartin

Ahmad Moslemifar 7

"EVE- The Vision of the Future Mobility Future is more comfortable, joyful and fun" EVE Vision by Ahmad Moslemifar

Peugeot Onyx concept

New Hybrids chaise en papier NewspaperWood Mieke Meijer

The Peugeot Onyx concept shown at the Paris Auto Show earlier this fall. The interior is made from felt, carbon fibre and recycled newspapers.


Two names, CITROËN and LACOSTE, have come together with a shared vision to cultivateboldness, creativity and optimism. The result of these common values is the CITROËN LACOSTE concept car.

Source: converge-diverge

Scissors symbolize man on a deeper level. They open to a cross, and are used to cut thread and fabric. DNA strands are cut by different enzymes. Basically, we are "editing" what we are all made of (not just man, but everything living).

plllus design

Spanish-Mexican studio LaSelva has released a collection of small concrete accessories for the home in collaboration with designer Iván Zúñiga


Details we like / Drawer / Metal / bendet Metal / Anthrazite / Wood / Open / Furniture / at Normal Studio

Dieter Rams

design-is-fine: “Dieter Rams, Braun AG, Weltempfänger, Radio, 1963 ”