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Aikido Colmar vous propose koté gaeshi Qu’est-ce le koté gaeshi, c’est un retournement de poignet voire de l’avant bras. c’est une technique du budo servant bien souvent à i…

Take down- Get out of the path of the bullet. Isolate and neutralize the weapon Neutralize the opponent. The rest is all style.--Believe it or not, this is almost all Aikido, though he's using some force, since his attacker has little momentum.

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Jetpack-equipped Stormtrooper

Will we see Stormtroopers with jetpacks in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? New toys suggest that the new class of stormtroopers may make it to the big screen.

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How much would it cost to deck yourself out in an authentic movie costume? Wallets beware, you can’t find this gear at your local Walmart.