Laughing more than I probably should.

This showed up on my Facebook feed

Instant 6 pack, Oh yeah, that's sexy. redneck 6 packs too funny

Partagez si vous avez compris :)

Big Tall Shaq Shaquille O'Neal and Wife Reminds Me of a Hamster Eating a Banana: Somehow these two pictures go perfectly together. You know Shaq loves hamsters

Uniquement en Afrique, trop fort

This is not a bath, this is a picture of a lion being dragged to a canned hunting! it's cruel and oh so wrong

This is Gorgeous Laced Black Lingerie, so Sensual and Erotic, every Woman should have this.

Savez vous pourquoi il pleut tout temps en Novembre?

So this is how rain is made? nice oc im tired of reposts Cloud Humor So this is how rain made? nice oc im tired of reposts

Funny pictures about Multiple pieces. Oh, and cool pics about Multiple pieces. Also, Multiple pieces.