Massif de la Chartreuse, France

La Tour Perce is a unique double arch and at 32 meters is the longest span in the Alps. The existence of this arch was only documented in Situated between Grenoble and Chambery (massif de la Chartreuse), Rhone Alps region, SE France.

Budget Backpacking

Tahiti- I have always wanted this as my dream vacation. Tahiti or Bora Bora in a hut over the water

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Vintage stock photograph of a boat near Chateau de Chillon (Chillon Castle) on the shore of Geneva Lake, Dents du Midi mountains in the background, between 1890 and Picture of a Boat and Dents du Midi by Chillon Castle.

Hopkins, Belize

Hopkins, Belize, Home sweet home away from home! I have a longing in my heart!

Savannah Bay Villa - Virgin Gorda

the 100 Pond Bay Estate in Virgin Gorda, Caribbean, consists of six pavilions overlooking the most spectacular beach in the British Virgin Islands.

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