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Hollyleaf and Leafpool +by+Mizu-no-Akira.deviantart.com+on+@deviantART

This is the most saddest warrior cat death. That's my opinion because I loved Hollyleaf because she cared about everyone. Like or comment if you're a Hollyleaf fan.

When Bluestar delivers her kits to Oakheart

blood welled from beneath the swollen lids and spattered over his pale tabby fur." he wailed. ah i felt bad for longtail.

"The road I walk is paved in gold To glorify my platinum soul I'll buy my way to talk to god So he can live with what I'm not The selfish blood runs through my veins I gave up everything for fame I...

Watching through my fingers, watching through my fingers In my thoughts you’re far away And you are whistling the melody, whistling the melody Crystallizing clear as day Oh, I can picture you.