One day, the bell pepper finally snapped

One day, the bell pepper finally snapped

Funny-Shaped Food Red Pepper Bat Dianne F. from Belleville, West Virginia sent in this picture of a red pepper she grew herself. She thinks it looks like a bat, but we think it looks like a yawning man with big ears and funny teeth.

15 Hilarious Photos That Prove Nature Has It's Own Sense of Humor 10

20 images osées qui prouvent que la nature est VRAIMENT une obsédée

fruits et legumes aux formes insolites et marrantes radis 15 fruits et légumes aux formes insolites photo légume image fruit forme desig...

Funny pictures about Ridiculously photogenic radish. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculously photogenic radish. Also, Ridiculously photogenic radish.

Cabe Peter Pepper

Peter Pepper - Penis Pepper 5 seeds - Peter Pepper - Penis Pepper 5 seeds The Peter Red chili also known as the Peter Pepper or Penis Pepper and even Chili Willy (Capsicum annuum) is an heirloom hot pepper that turns from.

chicken church by the sea madeira beach florida 50 Faces in Everyday Objects

there is a chicken in the building! "CHICKEN Church" Church by the Sea, Madeira Beach, Florida-Pareidolia involves a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant; it’s a form of apophenia (seeing.