Entretenir sa créativité, 40 solutions.  Via le korb. source : http://www.layerform.com/40-ways-stay-creative-infographic/

Being and staying creative is important in all areas of your work and personal life. Read about this Infographic " 40 Ways to stay Creative - Infographic "


Still life photo of light bulbs under a glass dome. I like the strong light and modern elements like the light bulbs mixed with the old of the wood.

free your mind

Illustration for More magazine by Canadian illustrator and artist Christian Northeast. via kerosene & things

Think like a scientist

People Who Think Like Scientists. are thought of as "Nerds." But hey, there's a candy named after us.and I've never seen or heard of a candies called "I slept with everyone" or "I barely graduated high school" etc.

Living Young and Wild and Free

Getting outdoors and exploring new places will not only be good for your mind but for your body. Hike up to a new spot, walk down a new road, cycle around a new path and take in the fresh air and new sites.

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