Flexible Façade.

translucent facade of polycarbonate hangar doors that fold horizontally: Loblolly House, Kieran Timberlake Associates

Who doesn't go to the beach at least once during the summer? Hanging at the beach is what summer is all about. I went to Galveston beach, Virginia beach, and a few other ones.

earth eruption from space

Here’s a striking view of Sarychev Volcano in Kuril Islands of Japan going through its early stage of eruption, taken from the orbit of the International Space Station in June For more info on this picture, head over to NASA’s Earth Observatory!

Il semblerait que la #Corse n'a pas fini de nous donner envie de vacances ! Photo de Scandola en Corse. #Corsica #vacances

Scandola is a nature trail through caves and rocks where you can discover wildlife in the sea as well as in the air - breathtakingly beautiful.

Japon : lune de miel au pays du soleil levant

Japon : vivre sa lune de miel au pays du soleil levant

Réserve de Scandola. Corse.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the idyllic places of Corsica.

"É a nossa hora de sonhar, hoje o Pão de Açúcar está mais... Mais acolhedor" Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar View Rio De Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is a legendary city. The physical beauty of its beaches and mountains is the stuff of picture postcards. Its shops and restaurants are full of delightful surprises. And the relaxed vibe of its people is infectious. View from Pão de Açúcar