Sac à quenotte pour la petite souris... super idée !

Tooth pillows for keeping teeth or coins from getting lost while under a child's pillow.


I sewed a whale shaped pouch. But my boyfriend said it was an elephant. Mmmmm,,, It& a whale, because it has a big mouth!

DIY paper box organizers

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Ideas Jewelry: DIY paper box organizers -Read More -

Toss the Boring Frames: How to Transfer a Photo onto Wood...

She Puts A Photo On A Woodblock... When She's Done? Magical!

Plush tuto

For sewing project. Students used these template to hand sew their own little monster. Students loved making their monster unique.

Lapin doudou

Cozy bunny - Nice baby shower gift teething toy for baby Easter basket - taggie lovey. Babies LOVE chewing on terry cloth while they are teething - make these from wash cloths and ribbon!

#DIY #tutorial Keyboard Kitty!

Keyboard Cat

No, not THAT keyboard cat, silly. There& a new keyboard cat in town. The the geeky lovechild of keyboard cat and long cat. Oh yeah, this cat has nerd to.

&Je l'ai fait avec ma mamie.& Lucie, 7 ans. ¶¶¶¶ Facile à réaliser ! Si vous n'avez pas exactement le matériel adéquat pour les yeux et la queue, par exemple, vous pouvez facilement trouver des matériaux de remplacement. Le résultat est magnifique, surtout...

DIY pom-pom bunny -- need ideas for Easter party at school. Maybe the kids could handle this if they just have to glue together the pieces for the bunny.