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Capable ou pas capable? are you able or not ? do you have the courage to do it?

Typography Quotes QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Capable ou pas capable? do you have the courage to do it?

Dois-je patienter alors que tu en aime une autre? Jsuis si mal ce soir, c'est dur... Je souffre mon amour.. Je t'aime et toi sûrement que tu l'aimes elle...

“A man who masters patience is the master of everything else. To make it to the top of your game, it takes patience.” - uknowbigsean In Seans latest installment in his personal video series, he talks about patience. “Patience is key for happiness.

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si je veux ! ;)

Je ne fais rien mais je le fais bien / I don't do anything but I do it well