kids' table design

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas: instead of a kids table include a small bucket of crayons and coloring books on each table, with a sign that says "for kids and adults who love to color". Or something similar to that phrase:) kids area, let them be free!


2 ans de Little C*: Photobooth pour Babychoux

Idea fotomatón para cumple de niños Photobooth idea for kids birthdays

Brochette de bonbons fleche

Brochette de bonbons flèche - 10 brochettes de bonbons à croquer - Elle à Table

Un gâteau magique pour fêter l'arrivée ou l'anniversaire de bébé !

Adorable balloon piece and idea for a great birthday cake shot! balloon decorated cake: use small water balloon sized balloons. blow them up & tie knot around wooden coffee stirrers or skewers. So cute!

Streamer Photo Booth Backdrop

Streamer Photo Booth Backdrop ~ layers and layers! Coordinate colors of streamers with the theme/color of the party. Easy to rig up on a clothesline or a rope between 2 trees.

Le premier anniversaire de Victoria

Le premier anniversaire de Victoria

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