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the diagram shows how to make a swing for an object that is in motion and has two
Catapult Physics
I am making a Pumpkin Chunkin' Trebuchet.
a diagram showing the parts of a swing
Trebuchet Physics
an image of a bat made out of wood and leather with instructions on how to make it
Mets la table
Maquette pour l'une des machine d'homme volant de Léonard de Vinci
some type of poster with different types of symbols on it's sides and the words,
Science is awesome! - Gaming
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an advertisement for the science fiction series, featuring four different characters in black and white
a hand drawn diagram on top of a piece of paper that says respitition
Mindmap for Biology: amazing study tool! Went through this is class last week...understood nothing.
a diagram showing the different types of organic components
Easy to remember breakdown of carbohydrates lipids (fat) and proteins. Love it!:
the functional groups of chemicals are depicted in this poster, which shows how they interact with each other
Scientific Illustration
Functional Groups | Functional-Groups-Chemistry #biochemistry, #chemistry, #Biotechnology
an image of the elements in a science project that includes diagrams, symbols and their names
Periodic Table for Biology
three wires connected to each other with the words w2 and w4
Simple Machines
Multiplication by Infinity: Simple Machines
an advertisement for the space station with information about it and other things to see on display
Education Events & Workshops – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Celebrate Pi Day (Online) With NASA (Grades K-12): From March 9 to 3.14.2018, join schools, science centers, and NASA in the celebration of our favorite irrational number: Pi. Free resources, online activities, and math printables are available. STEM activities. Math challenges. Math problem sets. Real-world math applications. #PiDay
an info sheet showing the different stages of creation in space and how to use it
Cosmic Inflation Explained
Todos hemos sido estrellas, todos hemos sido luz, una sencilla y asombrosa explicación del universo 03/19/14 PHD comic: 'Cosmic Inflation Explained'
an image of a blue and white poster with some writing on the bottom right hand corner
The Higgs Boson Re-explained! - The Big Picture
One of the best explanations for the Higgs Bosson.
an image of the ocean with many different types of waves and lines in purple tones
Gravitational Waves Explained
PHD Comics: Gravitational Waves Explained Simple explanation but really interesting for further understanding on gravitational waves. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong quote