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a red jacket with a hot dog patch on the front and back of it's label
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the badge on this jacket says, world famous the egrerest
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the Everest by World Famous
there is a label on the back of a shirt that says, boulder, colorado
Basecamp Vintage & Archives
the label for kenwood wool products on a purple blanket with trees in the background
Vintage "Kenwood Wool Products" label, "All Virgin Wool, Made in Canada, Ramcrest Mothproofed". Kenwood was a label sold by the T. Eaton department store. Via FabriqueFantastique on Blogger.
a blue and white patch with the words nevada go climate on it's side
Nevafade Goodimate Serge Suit - 50+ Garment Labels - LA Times Magazine
a label on the back of a jacket that says double r brand, dry goods and supplies
#8 | End Clothing | Flickr
two patches with different designs on them, one has the word'strado of florida written in red and green
Label Me This | Uni Watch
halsem / strada