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Play Create Explore: Tracing Bottle Caps and Lids to Make an Outline Matching Activity/Puzzle Fabiana

Montessori Maths Trays | Racheous - Lovable Learning

Montessori Maths Trays

Montessori Maths Trays Racheous - Lovable Learning I am a firm believer in Montessori early math. The simple repetitive tasks offer differentiation, multiple introductions, and all those other current terms we throw around in academia.


Make Like a Montessori Mama: Part 4 - Shape Activities

Preschool/Kindergarten: Color Match Use empty colored play dough tubs to sort buttons! Then count the buttons in each one. Correct amount is written on the bottom of each cup for self-check!

2014 Handprint Calendar

Button Sorting Cups (and link to other color sorting games) - What a brilliant idea for your toddler/preschooler! Adding this to our collection of activities to promote fine-motor skills and color recognition!

DIY Montessori Bolt Board. The bolt board will help teach children the…

This DIY Bolt Board not only teaches children the practical life skill of using a screw driver, hex screw driver and wrench, but it's also a super fun way to teach hand eye coordination while working on fine motor skills!