Paris in shadow moments
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the sun is setting behind some buildings and street lights in an urban area with cars driving on the road
Faubourg St-Antoine, Paris
there are many chimneys on the roof of this building and some buildings in the background
Roofs of Paris
the entrance to a bar at night with neon signs and posters on the wall behind it
Sunset (Jazz club, Paris)
a bicycle parked next to a boat on the water near a bridge and eiffel tower in the background
Quai de la Conférence, Paris
an old car is parked on the side of the road in front of a motorcycle
Faubourg St-Antoine, Paris
a black and white photo of a bus stop at night with buildings in the background
Place des Fêtes, Paris
the eiffel tower is silhouetted against an overcast sky
the eiffel tower in paris is silhouetted against the sun's rays
the eiffel tower is shown in black and white
Eiffel tower
an aerial view of clouds and a tower in the distance
a person standing on top of a roof looking at the city lights in the distance
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an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and roads in it, looking down at the ground
Places seen from above
Located at the centre of 12 radiating avenues in Paris, France, construction of the Arc de Triomphe took nearly 30 years to comp