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Epitaph, by John Rankin Waddell

-Andrew Gallimore- 'the face of death' (made on the occasion of the Mexican day ‘Dia de Los Muertos’)

Frida Kahlo-Autoportrait au collier d'épines(chat noir), 1940

“In Mexico people wear hummingbird amulets around their necks to show they are searching for love. Here people pretend that they aren’t.

sacred heart

mexican mixed media folk art frida would have loved Frida Kahlo Tin Heart: Frida AND a milagro. Ahhh, love it!


The Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) is somewhat colourful for such a sombre day. Photographer Tim Tadder wanted to work with that made the Las Muertas series.


Photographer Tim Tadder creates a colorful tribute to the Day Of The Dead: Las Muertas created with the help of makeup artist Krisztianna and costume designer Julia Reeser,

lydia courteille

I don't normally dig on the whole contemporary Dia de Los Muertos beautiful sexy girl in dead makeup thing.but this is absolutely stunning! Lydia Courteille Gardens of Xochimilco Portrait Collections

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