$12 for a Travel Jewelry Organizer – SavingCat

Highlights Perfect for on-the-go! Carry all of your jewelry in a compact holder in your choice of a bright fun colour! A travel essential that's affordable an

DIY Crochet Broomstick Lace diy crochet craft crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts easy diy crochet tutorials croschet ideas - So Good is

Love the stabilized decomposed granite for parking space under the cantilevered kitchen with pavers to the front entrance and stone/concrete edging

Candle shield bottle – use an empty transparent bottle as a candle shield for outdoor hanging candles. Cut off the bottom and allow the candle to breathe, while the breeze or wind cannot hurt the little flame.

79 Amazing Christmas Tree Decorations - Christmas is an annual festival of the birth of Jesus Christ which is the perfect time every year to spend time together and celebrate with all your f.

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Saints Row: The Third's crazy cat Professor Genki created in CubeECraft!

30 DIY gifts to give this holiday season. Hot chocolate gift set, ginderbread sugar cubes, flanel throw and much more.

Sparkly paper plate dinosaurs (AKA Sparkle-a-saurusus) with free printable template - Marble Crafting Inc.

Sonoma weddings are gorgeous. The crazy beautiful backdrops, the organic and yet totally elegant vibes, the effortlessly stunning brides and the laid back but forever timeless wedding style.

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