Pastel de chocolate

Receta de Pastel de chocolate esponjoso y jugoso

Chocolate Raspberry Macarons

These cute Chocolate Raspberry Macarons with an unintended swirl of pink just scream love, hugs and Valentine's Day! I choose the chocolate raspberry filling because it is so delicious.

Looks Yummy

Now, this isnt a recipe but Ive always found it funny that when I bring my own fruit to class that I cut up, EVERYONE wants it. People need to realize it takes 5 minutes to chop fruit up as a snack and its much healthier than eating junk food!

Panna cotta aux trois chocolats

Panna cotta magique aux trois chocolats

Voici une nouvelle recette de panna cotta car j'adore vraiment cela Morpheus: "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Nosotras no podemos resistirnos a un pedazo de tarta de queso. Nos encantan todas sus variantes, ¿y a ti? ¡Descúbrelas con nosotras...

Las 4 recetas de tarta de queso que te harán amar aún más este postre

Completa la decoración de tu fiesta hawaiana con este tip. Utiliza fruta y comida para crear una mesa de colores exóticos. #fiesta #hawaiana

▷ Fiesta Hawaiana ⇒ Ideas Originales Para Celebración Temática

"I was looking for a different way to serve fruit, and it just popped into my head! Why not use fruit skewers?" Ingredients 5 large strawberries, halved cantaloupe, cut into balls or cubes 2 bananas,

recetas de tartas con arándano, tarta de queso con crema violeta

recetas de tartas con arándano, tarta de queso con crema violeta

Bizcocho de Almendra

Bizcocho de almendra

This may be the almond cake I have been looking for. But the measurements are in metric mostly. Happy Home Baking: French Almond Cake