"roll" dice without losing them

Travel Tip: "Roll" dice without losing them by placing them inside a mini Tupperware container. Perfect for kids to play games in the car. This is just a good idea for playing games with dice with kids anywhere!

great for fine motor/numeracy

Glitter paint in baggies to practice writing numbers From Rhyme Time: Easy Ways to Teach Numbers, Counting & Maths

Unifix Cubes

Unifix cubes are a concrete representation of addition/number bonds. Building the bond with the Unifix cubes is what develops number sense. Great use for flash cards instead of looking for just memorization

Quel est le nombre ? - Classe Grenadine

"Guess the Number" Kids ask questions like "is the number greater/less than___?", "is the number between ___ and___?", "is the number in the tens place___?", "is the number to guess the selected number.

Bâtons des phrases  Jaune = Sujet  Rouge = action  ...

SKILKS: Story Sticks Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = "Special" Choose one of each and then make up a story based on what you've got.

Gotta start saving those water bottle lids!!  Great idea for a math center!

Use water bottle lids for math center. You can get water bottle lids from upcycle places :-) good idea for multiplication facts!

Smartie fractions...gotta love candy!

Smarties fractions could be used to add fractions, create a bar graph , predict probability, explore percetages and record on a circle graph, use protractors to divide circle into degrees accurately.

Great post with lots of ideas for practicing counting skills.

Counting-game - fun with dough, number recognition & counting from Kindergarten Kindergarten (",)

Fraction Match: Egg Style! :)

Really neat idea, use plastic eggs as a fraction match game. Finally a use for the eggs I bought after Easter.

LEGO Math Ideas

Lego Math Lessons for teaching fractions. Fractions are challenging, but using Legos can make it fun. Check out The Tutor House for some awesome ideas for Math centers and RTI fun.

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