Les perles à repasser de notre enfance retrouvent une seconde jeunesse grâce à cet atelier porte-clés fruité !

DIY Gift Idea: Fun Fruit Keyrings

DIY hama perler beads fruit keyring pineapple watermelon kiwi strawberry kawaii gift craft- My kids love making these bead crafts.

Tutos boules de laine suite

Great idea for making decorations. Coat colored yarn in glue and wrap around a balloon, let dry and hang. You can also add items to the inside of the balloon before blowing up,.

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Pumpkins - Halloween perler bead pattern

Halloween pearler bead or cross stitch pattern. Maybe even a quilt pattern too, just go all out! Group of jack I lantern pumpkin faces


Butterfly hama beads - Would look epic with glow in the dark beads.

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