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I would like to do the pullie idea in a quiet book.) Link is inaccurate, but great inspiration.

The Activity Mom: Number Towers number recognition and number order.

The Activity Mom: Number Towers.what an easy number recognition and ordering activity! Could be done for teen numbers or crossing the decades (tens) etc.

Activité Montessori

Instead of numbers write the color word on the bottles. Sort pom-poms by color. Empty each bottle and count the pom-poms. Then record how many pom-poms were in each bottle. Add the two colors together for addition practice.

Encore un livre... Quiet book # 1 NEJLEPŠÍ!

Quiet book en feutrine pour l'éveil de vos enfants - Quiet book for your…

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Check out this list of Creative and Fun Backyard Ideas and find some interesting things to do out there in your backyard. A lot of these would make for fun part

Preschool Learning

Counting and Measuring with Lego: Preschool Maths Game - Good way to visually compare numbers - I would suggest making the corresponding numbers (like 5 and 15 or 8 and the same color to help see the pattern relationship between the numbers and 15

year 5 imagination portrait (inspired by portraits on pinterest)

year 5 imagination portrait Modify THIS to use instead of a 'heart map' for Writer's workshop writing inspiration.

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