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Un pintor en la calle
Publicidad hecho a mano en Puerto Lopez
Puerto Lopez

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At the theater to see Dirty Dancing
Honest Ed's Bargain Store

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people are standing in front of a stage with blue lighting and graffiti on the walls
At the theater to see Dirty Dancing
an empty street in front of a building with advertisements on the side and people walking down the sidewalk
Honest Ed's Bargain Store
a man in yellow jacket standing on wooden dock with fish
some very pretty green plants in a big room
the city skyline is seen from across the water
a street sign hanging from the side of a wooden pole next to a brick building
Little Italy in Toronto
a yellow and red building with stairs leading up to the second floor, in front of other buildings
Little Italy
a woman standing next to a motorcycle on the side of a road with her mouth open
an aerial view of a city with skyscrapers and other tall buildings in the foreground
Downtown of Toronto
the water park is filled with people and inflatable rafts
a football stadium filled with lots of people
At the Roger centre
four people in a rowboat on the water with life vests around their necks
a boat is docked at the end of a dock as the sun sets in the distance
Sunset view on the lake
there are many chairs on the dock by the water and trees in front of the house
Cottage closed to the lake