for the laundry room

Lost & Found Board Sign Laundry Decor Organization for Lost Socks. Best I've seen yet with the basket for when you have more socks than clips.

Managing Your Turn-In Tray with Clothespins - Cheap and Easy!

Grade Stuff: Managing Your Turn-In Tray Using Clothespins- Number the clothespins. Students clip their clothespin to their work as they turn it in. Easy to tell who hasn't turned in their work.

Poster to hang in your classroom teaching children the consequences of violence

Pas de violence à l'école! All but three of the negative examples of male.

La carte des émotions. A imprimer et à montrer aux enfants pour les aider à exprimer leurs émotions

Really cute emotions cards (you can just modify the name to English or delete it all together).