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Les couleurs – macarons


Since The French are all about "Making The Planet Great Again", I thought I'd save this.

Je m'en fouS, ras le bol, ras le cul (et non "fou", ou "ral"). Le plaisir est plus grand avec la bonne orthographe...

some french swear words and phrases. can be useful if someone asks u to say something in french bc it’s soooo hot

French idiom-avoir le cafard

25 Funny French Idioms Translated Literally

Il essaye en anglaise Essay writing gcse english language lessons Matthew: November i have to write an essay but my timeline is so funny this is a nice example of how school.

être mauvaise langue  #frenchexpression #learnfrench

être mauvaise langue #frenchexpression #learnfrench

d'arrache-pied  Learn new french expression every monday  #learnfrench

Voici l' expression de lundi: ✔hors du commun✔ new french expression every monday. Learn french with pleasure!