Rétro 80s- 90s

51 Pins
two women are standing in front of a door with a statue behind them and one woman has her arm around the man's shoulder
Au temple de Tay Ho
a man laying on the back of a rickshaw
Sieste sur le cyclo
people are walking down the street in an old town with tall buildings and parked motorcycles
Une rue à Saigon
two women sitting at a table looking at an item in front of them with other items on the shelves behind them
Au magasin de réparer des téléphones
two women and a man are riding in a rickshaw
Des prostitutes
a man talking on his cell phone while sitting in front of a pepsi sign and holding a cup
Un des premiers téléphones portables
three people sitting on motorcycles in front of a propaganda poster, with another person standing next to them
Des passionnés de Harley Davidson
people sitting on the grass in front of an old church with a santa clause statue
Noel 1991
group of young people standing around each other in a dark room with one woman looking at the camera
Les métisses dans un club
an old woman sitting on a chair in front of a shelf with vases and flowers
Dame de Hanoi
a woman standing on top of a pile of white birds next to people sitting down
Au marché du canard
a group of people standing around each other
Les membres de LGBT
two men are standing in the doorway of an old building with newspapers hanging from it
Kiosque de journaux
a woman teaching children how to use scissors at a table in a classroom with other children
Jeux de docteur dans une crèche