Ahaha I've got to show this to my cousin so we can write each other secret notes! She loves this kind of stuff :)

Now You Can Write Morse Code

sammiwolfe: “coyotecomforts: “love-this-pic-dot-com: “Morse Code A Visual Guide ” sammiwolfe important to our lives lol XD ” Oh oh my god now Morse code actually makes SENSE when you lay it out like.

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frames (or borders) are an important part of sketch notes. here's some more paper type borders that you can add to your notes.

Page Ends

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Engraver's Ornaments 1 / Old Fashioned Scrolls calligraphy typography

Prime Vector Clipart Clipart de météo de par LookLookPrettyPaper

Premium Vector Clipart - Kawaii Weather Clipart - Kawaii Weather Clip art Set - High Quality Vectors - Instant Download - Kawaii Clipart

6 Step-by-Step Banners

I love drawing banners. They make excellent finishing touches when addressing envelopes, they create statements on hand lettering pieces, and they draw attenti (Step Logo Draw)

How To Make Banners

{doodle with me} How To Make Banners + Freebies