Dior’s Fall 2011 Lookbook Makes All the Problems Go Away

Accessory line in Christian Dior Fall/ Winter 2012 collection is all about the vintage luxury. Beret hats with fur pop-poms, colorful .

Mamamia ! Miam !

Far from a Cafe bike, but I like Paul Newman so let him on with just a scooter. ( I like scooters also.

Voyager rétro

Vintage :) cute vintage monochrome check glam rockabilly style swing dress what a great outfit , with a style like this alice would definitely look the film star getting off the plane in st malo

Bob Dylan talks with Allen Ginsberg at his Woodstock home in 1964.

Photos: Bob Dylan Captured at Home and on the Scene


Love my vintage ladies! [img: four black women in style bathing suits standing arm-in-arm on the beach] So much style and awesome here. I love vintage bathing suits and these ladies are rocking the hell out of them.

Quand les Jeanne sont en maillot une pièce de couleur !

Many decades ago, long before the beach became synonymous with bikini-clad hotties, there were simply ladies in modest swim wear, out for a dip rather than a swim. Take a look at some classic swim wear photos from the pages of vintage fashion magazines.

Paul Newman

Just a Car Guy: Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. both motorbike riders, when I worked in Manhattan, I was crossing the street next to Macy's and there at the curb stopped at a light was Newman on a motorcycle -

Un matin australien .

Vogue Australia, 1964 by Helmut Newton. Love the bathing suit, but sure that kangaroo wants to kick her. as Kangaroos Doo!

Jane Birkin~

Jane Birkin // girls of summer // bohemian // white lace top // fashion icon // style idol // iconic women // //


March Vogue 1964 by Irving Penn - elegant black dress, gloves and hat - b & w photo

Hubert de Givenchy, 1954

Givenchy, 1954 by Richard Avedon.his fashion photography was brilliant but his portrait work was something totally different. He could draw something of the portraits he did of celebrities.

Esthétique maximale

Paul Newman on the set of Rachel, Rachel Here's a true style icon bringing his own flavor to a traditionally conservative and classic piece of clothing, the blue oxford button down shirt. When I look to the past for inspiration.

Petanque - mit meiner Leidenschaft bin ich in guter Gesellschaft: Aznavour, Piaf - Pétanque La Môme et la cochon

Petanque - mit meiner Leidenschaft bin ich in guter Gesellschaft: Aznavour, Piaf - Pétanque La Môme et la cochon

Bey and Jay - I need to look like this when I  go on vacation.

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z boarded a boat after stopping by Club 55 in St.Tropez this afternoon. Beyonce was later spotted splashing around on a jet ski, though