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an abstract painting with many colors and shapes on the bottom half of it, as well as circles
Frank Lloyd Wright Designs
Frank Lloyd Wright
an artistic painting on the side of a building with circles and shapes painted on it
Ghost Song Painting
Saatchi Online Artist Cecile Guerrier; Painting, "Ghost Song" #art
an abstract painting with lots of circles and lines on black background, including the letter c
Colors in my Mind Painting
six different types of paper cut designs
Molly M Design
an ornate design with flowers and leaves on a black background, in the style of art nouveau
motif shutterstock
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
ABSTRACT | Patternity | Page 3
an image of a poster with circles on it
FWS poster
FWS poster by Mihail Mihaylov, via Flickr
some type of lettering on a red background with black and white letters in the middle
Good typography
a poster for the social club with hands reaching out to each other, in black and white
Poster design
an image of a forest with trees in the background and a circular design over it
Photo by hallwood
a person riding a bike down a street
adams carvalho
Adams Carvalho
15th Anti-Racism Festival poster by Unusual Bedroom, Inspiration, Interior Design, Graffiti, Room Decor, Room Interior
Graphic design inspiration | #799
15th Anti-Racism Festival poster by Unusual
a poster for the holland festival 70
Dick Elffers
poster by Dick Elffers (1970)
a black and white drawing with the words rock'n'roll written in it
the sunday best -