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There are many theories about sex. But no one is sure how long it should take. Some praise it, claiming that it lasts all night, and others worry that there is a problem with them. What is the truth about it? How many minutes or hours should sex last?

50 Songs You Should Definitely Make Out To

Pucker up! Whether you're smooching a new fling or a longtime love, what better way to set the mood than with the perfect lip-smacking playlist? With some suggestions from our readers (along with some personal favorites), we've put together a mix you can

Même les médecins sont stupéfaits par ce remède: il prévient les crises cardiaques, abaisse le cholestérol et stimule votre système immunitaire

Honey and cinnamon have been long used in the treatment of numerous ailments, and their combination is one of the most efficient home remedies. Honey- and cinnamon-based remedies are common in Yunani and Ayurvedic healing techniques. The natural.