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tiny advent calendar houses

Le casette di Atelier Carta Bianca - CasaFacile

Nell’entusiasmo di condividerlo abbiamo dimenticato di segnalare che le casette sono state ideate e realizzate dall’architetto Federica Masini, che nel suo Atelier Carta Bianca lavora la carta con curiosità, precisione, passione e [...]

DIY chapiteau - CircusTent favor box {with free printable template from Un Beau Jour} ... Tutorial in English: et en français

DIY – Le chapiteau de poche

DIY chapiteau - CircusTent favor box {with free printable template from Un Beau Jour} ... Tutorial in English: et en français

DIY Birdhouse Giftbox with Free Printable Template

Papertrey Ink Blog

Melissa Bickford has been building quite a following since her very first stamp set released with us, Women of Life. Both of her new sets this month will be sure to add even more "groupies" to her expanding fan base!...

Kid's DIY town made out of milk cartons

Sköna hem

Ni hittar mig här: Det är dags för mig att gå vidare efter 3 år på denna portal och jag hoppas innerligen att ni hänger med mig till Elle decoration. Där min blogg kommer fortsätta i samma anda som tidigare. Med daglig dos av inspiration till att skapa och inreda. Sen finns jag såklart […]

DIY:  Milk Carton Homes

Pastellikaupunki / Pastel town

Maito- ja mehupurkki, akryylivärit, pensseli, katkoteräveitsi - siinä tarvikkeet pastellinvärisen kaupungin tekoon. Myös innokas pieni apuri on aina tarpeellinen. / / / Two milk or juice cartons, acrylic paint, paintbrush, utility knife - that's all you need for crafting your own pastel town. Also a little helper is always useful having around.

Great Cezanne project from arteascuola (pas mal pour travailler les formes avec les GS)

Color theory inspired by Paul Klee

Exercises on warm and cool colours, complementary colours or primary and secodary colours inspired by Paul Klee’s works of art. Here we...

DIY FREE PRINTABLE - Happy little paper houses by Ellen Giggenbach

Happy little paper houses by Ellen Giggenbach | Project | Home Decor | Papercraft / Decorative | Kollabora

My passion is paper. I love painting it, cutting it folding it arranging it. My idea when I created these little houses was to keep the assembly simple. I also wanted the finished houses to look solid. I enjoy sitting them on a shelf amongst my favourite vintage shop.

Small Cardboard Houses


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