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Laughter is like windshield wipers, it does not stop the rain, but it allows you to go forward.

Live Travel Adventure Bless

Live Travel Adventure Bless - large paper print - inspirational travel artwork, word art typography poster, teal, turquoise - Like colors used.

Je ne suis pas fou Ma réalité est juste différente que la tienne

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...la peur

in order to live a creative life, we must give up the fear of being wrong.

Ne contredis jamais un con. Si tu attends un peu, il le fera de lui-même...


Never contradict an idiot. If you wait a little he will do it himself.

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Il ne peut y avoir que Deux Solutions : Soit J'ai Raison, Soit Tu as Tort

Demain, je me lève de bonheur :) ! #Quotes #citation #happy #bonheur #happiness

Demain, je me lève de bonheur :) In English = Tomorrow I'll wake up happy. Yup this one goes to Lora Weaver.