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Good night i'm dead

I am going to bed night you guys ttyl sleep well(: I can't wait for the Don't Stop music video tomorrow(: and I am so proud of on the BBMAs tonight but it makes me sad that they aren't our little secret anymore:(

Goodnight everyone!!). Busy day tomorrow... Need to sleep, hope u have a lovely day! Don't forget to smile! Love u all!! Nighty night. -Claire

"LOGO TYPE POSSIBILITY" The closed eye acts as the substitute for the two letters 'e' sitting in the word. The use of the eyes effectively communicate the meaning of "sleep"


Don't let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. so true! love this quote Inspirational Motivational Quotes

Good night

Have a good night. wherever you are baby! I love you and miss you tons! I hope you are doing good. I hope your thinking of me princess! Goodnight sweetheart sleep tight wherever you