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Love the floating glazes and how they work to transition the joint on the piece. Love pottery and experimenting with glazes

Cantrell Kimmy - Nurvero

Artist Kimmy Cantrell, abstract portraits - idea - turn blind contour drawings into clay pieces. (Inspiration for next year PM)

My figures are all individually modeled and raku fired. They have pewter armbands and neck pieces of coiled wire or silver, Average height is 48 cm.

éclairage : Ferréol Babin, lampe jaune COMPAS

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nurvero , la vie en classe artiste cantrell kimmy

Large View - Kimmy Cantrell - ceramic, (again i like the possibilities without the face)

nurvero , la vie en classe artiste cantrell kimmy

Value masks:Kimmy Cantrell use cardboard to construct a face - colour op art as an idea