styling by Sarah Parker

Set Design and Prop Styling by Sarah Parker

Graphic art photographer Alexander Kent AK - the idea of using the vertical space and colour to define zones


Funny pictures about Batman's day off. Oh, and cool pics about Batman's day off. Also, Batman's day off photos.

If it is...  If not

The 17 Most Outrageous Quotes From Hugo Chavez


Spectacular Rubik's Cube Portrait of a Man Disintegrating.holy crap art made of Rubik's cubes.

Michael McGillis

Design Sponge - Artist Michael McGillis created this purple log installation at an outdoor park in Minnesota

Food Type - NURIA BRINGUÉ | Diseño gráfico

Barcelona-based artist Nuria Bringué Bergua designed Food Type, a typography book project on healthy eating. She cuts food to look like letters, stacks them and then photographs the result to include in the books.


The Breathless Zoo

The Breathless Zoo The eccentric art of taxidermy explored in a new book by Rachel Poliquin

doodles for a friend's gift. i wonder if she'll know it's for her. ++ satsuki shibuya / via curiosities & the unknown.

++ satsuki shibuya / via curiosities & the unknown.


Amazing illustration project by argentine artist Diego Beyrò: ORGASM. In this artwork, Diego portrays people at the height of orgasm. Instead of the usual canvas, he uses the sheets, to be more in keeping with the topic!

In the Absence of War - Ole Ukena

Conheça a arte irônica e conceitual de Ole Ukena

Literal Pin-it

O mundo estranho do Google Street View

Micahel Mapes // New York artist Michael Mapes creates elaborate specimen boxes by dissecting photographs and then compartmentalizing individual fragments within plastic bags, glass vials, magnifiers, in gelatin capsules, and on insect pins